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The 5 Questions We All Want To Ask Rachel Roy: Fashion's First Lady

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 8/03/2016 Susan Holmes-McKagan
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I walk in to the exclusive industry leaders/celebrity laden/best place to feel like a star, yet not be bothered like one, restaurant in tinsel town. The elegant private social club "The Soho House" in search of the long legged dark beauty, who also happens to run a fashion empire and 100% empower the very definition, of what I like to call a "Momtrepreneur." Yes that would be the one and only, first lady of fashion herself Rachel Roy. Having designed and dressed for the likes of First Lady Michelle Obama, to the First Lady of reality TV Kim Kardashian. It's no wonder that Roy's creations are donned on celeb clientele such as Diane Sawyer, Oprah, Penelope Cruz, Eva Mendes and Gwyneth Paltrow to name a few. She's a modern day working mother to two daughters, who intertwines her experience of travel, culture, and business acumen (having studied psychology and English at Western Adventist University in Maryland), before relocating to New York, and then Los Angeles...And so begins my fun in person, (tete a tete) designer to designer interview, with my lovely friend to find out her latest endeavors.
SHM: You're not only an inspirational designer but an "instructional" one, on how to do it and maintain it "like a boss" ... I read you recently spoke at The White House's Small Business Week last May, and also being included in the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2007, as well as being in the CFDA "Designers of Instagram" 2016 book. You also have your own first book "Design Your Life" coming out March 15th, 2016 -- Congratulations! After all these stellar accomplishments, what else could be on the Rachel Roy bucket list?
RR: Being that I'm from humble beginnings, a working class family, of Indian and Dutch descent, I've always been motivated on being a voice for men and women who might not have the opportunity, to make it happen with empowerment... I would like to provide employment through what I do... My ethos being quality of life, over quantity wins every time. For instance, the "lovebomb" bracelet, that I made with artisans in Laos were made from pieces of discarded bomb fragments add to my creed of be socially conscious, and enabling women to be stronger. It's conveying how love can beat war. It will be available on my site starting this month.
SHM: Tell us what to expect in your epic tome "Design Your Life?" Where and when we can get our hands on it?
RR: I was asked to compile into a book, the insight on the helpful tools that I've learned through the years from the ground up, launching and continually growing your own brand and label. It's a sort of style guide, no matter what part a person's life is in. I wanted to guide the reader, in developing his/her inner confidence, while also helping them distinguish, and to develop their interior spirit, as well as their best exterior physical appearance/style attitude. I provide some of my personal stories, the imperative role that style and technique have played to my path of success and a fulfilling fashion career. It's creating success through personal style. The book is available now for pre-order on,, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million to name a few.
SHM: What are the select must have pieces from your collection?
RR: My favorite "go to" is the trench coat. It's so classic yet so versatile at the same time. It's a stylish fail-safe coat... it's also fun to wear it without anything underneath and turn it into a chic dress. I love a jumpsuit! I wore one to my first visit to The White House. I think menswear is very alluring on a woman's body, plus a nice jumpsuit elongates the frame, brings in the waist and creates a sharp shoulder. It's extraordinarily flattering on all shapes and sizes.
SHM: I like you, am so blessed and have two daughters... Curious to know, what is your best advice here, with being a strong Mom and a successful businesswoman? What might be a typical day in the life of Rachel Roy?
RR: I like to start off the day with an "intention"--- I wake up and set the intent for the day. For instance, "today my intent is to have a beautiful day with my daughter Ava." It reminds me to always be thankful. I learned this from attending Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday" sessions at UCLA. The classes were so completely positive and life altering. I became informed on how for example sending an email everyday to thank someone, truly benefits your sense of gratitude. It also reminds us as human beings, that doing something that takes less than 30 seconds when giving nice energy it will also manifest forward, and give you back nice energy. For instance, every Monday my team spends fifteen minutes in the morning, to express something that we're grateful for--- It sets the tone and mood for unity for the start of the week.
SHM: What's one thing you'll never stop doing?
RR: I'm inherently inquisitive... I constantly have the thirst for knowledge. I'm fascinated in learning, and that is one thing I will never stop doing, it excites me and pushes me. I want to always strive to be the best that I can be so as to help others.

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