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The Easiest Way to Communicate Your Affection

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 28/10/2015 AJ Agrawal
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As the holiday season is approaching, people will soon be flocking to the department stores to pick up scarves, jewelry, clothes, and other gifts for their loved ones. It has become the same routine year-after-year. The systematic migration to the mall and jewelry store, practiced almost religiously. With the inevitable monotony that comes with the holidays, it becomes more difficult to stand out, and deliver a message that is truly unique and genuine from everyone else, and different from the message you gave last year. Finding a unique gift that you think is special becomes more difficult, and making the gift specific to your loved one and to you is even more difficult.
There are a few ways you can give your loved one a special gift this season, and communicate your affection in a more eye-opening way. Personalized gifts, hand-written letters, and spending time with your loved one are great ways to avoid the swarms at the mall and deliver your desired message in a much more personal fashion. These three methods can help keep you a little warmer this season.
There's nothing quite like a personalized gift. It is easy to pick up a silver necklace from the store, or a pair of jade earrings. Having your loved one's name or message engraved on a piece of jewelry or gift, however, gives a much more personal, deeper message. It shows them that they are special and different. It isn't as easy to express this message with generic object or gift. A personalized token says that you thought about them in particular when you bought it. It doesn't just have to be jewelry, also. Personalized gifts are now coming as jewelry boxes, decorations, charms, and even dolls.
On company making it easier than ever before to personalize gifts is Bradford Exchange. Previously it had been more difficult to obtain personalized gifts; you had to find the right vendor who was able to personalize the specific item that you were looking for. However, now that this customization is available online, you can obtain personalized gifts much more easily than before.
Hand-written letters are another great way to express your affection. There is no message more sincere and impactful than the message that comes from your own head. There are countless Hallmark cards and other holiday-themed symbols and writings that you can buy, but none of them will be tailored to the person who is receiving it. Yes, writing a letter takes more time than buying a pre-written one, but the meaning will be more direct and genuine. We also recommend that you write it with a pen rather than type it up. Writing it with your own hand gives it a more personal, hand-made feel.
Spending time with loved ones is one of the simplest, yet one of the most meaningful ways that you can communicate your affection. Sometimes the best gift is just being there, and seeing them. Taking the time to visit a friend, relative, or significant other can be more special than any material object. It shows them that you care about them, and that you want to devote your time towards them.
When you buy personalized gifts, write hand-written letters, or spend quality time with your loved ones this winter, there are many different ways you can make your statement in a memorable, genuine way.

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