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The GOP On Fire

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 6/03/2016 Rob Taub

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The GOP is a fire burning out of control, yet its powers that be are consumed with the effect rather than the cause. Smoldering for years, the rank and file of the Grand Old Party have been subjected to candidates consumed with issues unimportant and ultimately of no concern to the majority of voters.
The GOP behaves like an overbearing yet totally out of touch parent. Party leaders are clueless why their progeny have embraced the school bully. They expect their rank and file to support an outdated and useless way of thinking that is not only uncool but also impractical in every way imaginable.
Religious conservatism, anti-abortionists and family values have finally become inconsequential to people concerned about their economic well-being. J
Mitt Romney recently attacked Donald Trump rather than the reactionary attitude and elitism of a party who thinks we still live in the 1950's. Clueless as to why they can't retain working class and Hispanic voters, the GOP still continues to cling to the idea that they are a party driven by bible thumpers and stay at home moms. Despite candidates who run campaigns on the ground, the GOP still panders only to groups they seek to appease.
This is why Donald Trump is winning.
Republicans must accept responsibility for the void in a party hopelessly out of step with the times and realize that they have paved the way for Donald Trump.
It's not his fault -- it's theirs.

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