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The ten Instagram accounts every traveller needs to follow

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Whether it's a food maven, an adrenalin junky, an animal lover or even someone seeing the world for the first time, we here at just can't resist really great travel-themed Instagram feeds or the urge to play them with Instagame, the new photo caption game for Instagram! With that in mind, here are the Instagram accounts that make us want to pack our bags tonight.

1. @chrisburkard
If an Instagram travel God exists it might be Chris Burkard. Known for his National Geographic-quality photos, Burkard captures the highways and byways, coastlines and skylines of the world like no one else out there. Recommended by Trippy member Jeremy Lindström from Provo, Utah.

2. @helloemilie
If Anthropologie had an Instagram feed devoted to travel, this would probably be what it would look like. Decked out in plaid ponchos and cool Stetson-style hats, we love this Instagrammer not only for her "Rustic Chic" vibe but the sense of mystery she creates by posing almost exclusively with her back to the camera. Test your travel knowledge by taking her quiz! Recommended by Trippy member Krista Gray from San Francisco, California.

3. @punkodelish
The colors and images of this account are so real you'll think you can actually hear the sound of the autumn leaves in her shots crunch beneath your feet. Whether she's capturing pounding rain or the blinding sun, punkodelish's snaps are just beyond compare. Recommended by Trippy member Lauren Folkmann from Chicago, Illinois.

4. @girleatworld
You know how they say never to go grocery shopping while you're hungry? Well, the same can be said for girleatworld. Whether she's eating Hello Kitty dim sum in Hong Kong (yes, that's a thing) or some kind of Toblerone sandwich-type-thing we're dying to try in Switzerland, all we can say about this account is that we'll have what she's having. We love trying to figure out what she's eating! Recommended by Trippy member Courtney Robinson of Los Angeles, California.

5. @abandonedearth
We suggest not checking out this site until you have at least an hour to spare because it's almost impossible to stop once you've started. Compiled of pictures of abandoned (or at least, largely forgotten) sites sent in by followers, this account is unbelievably compelling. Recommended by Trippy member Gita Baratam from Mumbai, India.

6. @expertvagabond
How could you not follow the Instagram account of someone who documents his own naked trek through Greenland? Full of humour, this account had us laughing as much as it had us oohing and aahing. Recommended by Trippy member Laura Best from Glasgow, United Kingdom.

7. @drewkelly
So, we think we found the account that won Instagram. While Drew Kelly covers a few other parts of the globe this feed primarily documents his experiences as a professor in Pyongyang, North Korea. If you've ever been curious about what life in this mysterious country is really like, this account will give you an amazing perspective. Recommended by Trippy member Jerry C.

8. @kirstenalana
We couldn't get over how many times we found ourselves saying "Wonder where that is?!?" while going through this feed which is probably why we like it so much. Whether she's introducing us to an Icelandic concert hall or whizzing by the Space Needle in a seaplane, Kirsten's incredible eye always keeps us guessing. In fact, 9 out of 10 Trippy travellers couldn't reach the highest level on her quiz. Can you? Recommended by Trippy member Courtney Robinson of Los Angeles, California.

9. @amivitale
OMG, little baby pandas! Wait, little baby rhinos! OMG, now a little baby hyrax! Don't worry, we didn't know what a hyrax was, either, but boy do we now that we've seen this feed. A must, not just for travellers but wildlife lovers as well, this National Geographic photographer's account is as enlightening as it is fascinating. For instance: did you know panda keepers in China dress up as pandas so rescued pandas will know what to do when they get released into the wild? Amazing! Recommended by Trippy member Lauren Folkmann from Chicago, Illinois.

10. @jordanherschel
If you've ever dreamed about leaving it all behind to live in the wild, this is the account for you. While there may be a picture of the odd tent or cabin as far as we could tell not a single snap in this feed was taken inside which should give you an idea of its esthetic. Recommended by Trippy member nina n. from Miami, Florida.

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