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This is the Xbox One S

Engadget Engadget 13/06/2016 Aaron Souppouris
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Do you have your best shocked face ready? Microsoft just announced a slimmer Xbox One, the Xbox. OMG! Okay, so the surprise was kinda ruined by a month of leaks, culminating in a picture of the thing finding its way into the wild yesterday morning. But at least now it's official, we know exactly why you Microsoft thinks you should buy a new Xbox.

The big-ticket item is 4K support. That doesn't mean that you'll be able to play games in crazy high-res, but if you have a fancy TV it'll provide plenty of options to watch content at 4K. In addition to supporting 4K version of Netflix and Amazon Video content, there's also a 4K Blu-ray drive built in. The new console also supports HDR sets, and Gear of War 4 will be the first to support the wider color range.

The Xbox One, as attractive or unattractive as you think it is, is undoubtably a large machine, especially compared with its main rival, the PlayStation 4. The Xbox One S is 40-percent smaller, and can be safely used vertically with an official stand. Elsewhere there's an integrated power supply, meaning no more brick, and a more capacious 2TB hard drive. It's also mostly white -- a colorway Microsoft debuted for the original Xbox One.

Other changes include a USB port at the front for easy access and the dropping of the Kinect port -- there'll be a USB adapter if you want to plug in Microsoft's unloved camera accessory to the new machine.

There's also a new controller that'll be bundled with the S, which has textured grips, improved range and Bluetooth.

The Xbox One S launches at $299 this August.


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