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Three theories about why Cam bursts into tears on Sunday's episode of MAFS.

Mamamia logo Mamamia 14/03/2019 Clare Stephens

After a relatively uneventful dinner party on Wednesday night (Cyrell yelled at Jessika but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), Married at First Sight dropped a trailer for next week’s episode that has Australian audiences shook.

In what we expected to be a fairly standard 30045th Commitment Ceremony episode, we’re shown Jules and Cam standing silently in their apartment. All of a sudden, after looking down at his hands, Cam bursts into tears, and Jules embraces him, kissing him on cheek as he sobs.


Crying, in and of itself, is not surprising or dramatic.

People cry on reality TV all the time.

But Cam isn’t ‘people’.

Cam is perhaps the happiest man to ever get fake married on national television.

a man with his mouth open: No.

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He is smiling always, and is madly in love with Jules. They may have only known each other seven weeks, but they have already been married for 25 years and have four children together. They're the most functional couple to come out of this franchise, and all we want is for the experts to leave them alone so they might actually have a chance at finding love in this hopeless place.


Cam, srsly, why you crying?

Video by Channel 9

As Jules comforts him in the trailer, four words pop up on the screen:





It better not be or Australia will collectively lose it.

In the interests of important investigations/high quality journalism, I decided to do some research into why exactly Cam is crying, and in turn, making us feel physically ill, in the latest trailer.

Theory 1: A family tragedy.

A number of fans believe Cam's tears indicate a "massive shock," as though he's just learnt some bad news.

"I am guessing a death in the family or somebody had a heart attack or something very bad," wrote one viewer on the Married at First Sight Facebook page.

"The way she hugged him straight away, I think it might be something family related, nothing to do with them as a couple," another wrote.

But then... I spotted something else.

A grammatically confusing and incredibly ambiguous reference to Cam's family being involved in a natural disaster.

So yes I did my research.

It seems unlikely his family or loved ones were involved in anything late last year, but Cam has spoken before about the moment he thought he'd lost his family in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand. Perhaps he's retelling the story to Jules, and breaks down as he does so.

Theory 2: His feelings for Jules have changed.

Fans were very quick to acknowledge the way Jules comforts Cam as soon as he starts crying, and how he lets her hug him.

If the tears were about their relationship breakdown - surely they wouldn't be so affectionate?

Jules also seems genuinely surprised by the tears, so it doesn't seem as though they had been having a serious conversation about their feelings.

One compelling suggestion, however, is that Cam might not be ready to move in with Jules, and feels guilty about it. During Jules' home stay, the couple agreed they would move into Jules' place after the experiment (because it turns out she's a low key millionaire). He could be scared about telling her he's changed his mind.

Theory 3: Ines is coming back.


A very adequate explanation for the following facial expressions is the return of Ines, and the ensuing distress and/or trauma that comes with that realisation.

a man and a woman looking at the camera: HOW

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Look, in all seriousness, we highly doubt Cam's tears have anything to do with a fracture in his relationship with Jules. For the entirety of the experiment, they've been absurdly happy, and they also have two pot plants together - and no one wants to argue about custody of pot plants.

Our money is on an emotional trigger that has nothing to do with Jules, but is planted, strategically, by a producer, for the sole purpose of creating a trailer Australia can't look away from.


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