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Thursday's Morning Email: U.S. Rules Out Cooperation with Russia in Syria

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 8/10/2015 Lauren Weber

morning email © Provided by The Huffington Post morning email ash carter © Provided by The Huffington Post ash carter TOP STORIES U.S. RULES OUT COOPERATION WITH RUSSIA IN SYRIA "The United States on Wednesday ruled out military cooperation with Russia in Syria's war, accusing Moscow of pursuing a 'tragically flawed' strategy that would force it to limit military talks to basic pilot safety." Here's how Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking a page out of his Ukranian playbook in his current dealings in Syria, plus a detailed look into the country's latest cruise strikes in Syria. [Reuters]

TECH FIRM WORRIED CLINTON EMAILS WERE 'VULNERABLE TO HACKERS' A tech subcontractor working on the Clinton email account recommended security be upgraded after learning whose server they were dealing with. [WaPo]
WILL ANGELA MERKEL WIN THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE? The German chancellor is being considered for her work on the refugee crisis. [Willa Frej, HuffPost]
JOURNALIST WHO HELPED IN ANONYMOUS HACK FACES 25 YEARS "Matthew Keys, 28, faces a maximum of 25 years for three felonies related to sharing login information from the Tribune Media Co., which owned the newspaper and the TV station where Keys worked, according to Politico." [Michael McLaughlin and Andy Campbell, HuffPost]
MEET THE GOLDMAN SACHS FUGITIVE How Iftikar Ahmed went from Wall Street darling to accused of committing $65 million worth of fraud. [WSJ]
WATCH TODAY'S NEWSBRIEF Check out today's news in HuffPost's new Morning Newsbrief. [HuffPost]
THE LONG READJUSTMENT "A 51-year-old who has spent more than two decades behind bars, Clark is one of 22 nonviolent drug offenders whom Obama granted clemency in March in an effort to shorten the harsh mandatory minimum sentences imposed on thousands of mostly African American men during the war on drugs in the 1980s and 1990s." [WaPo]
SVETLANA ALEXIEVICH WINS NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE The Belarusian author is one of only 13 women to have won the Nobel Prize in Literature. [Jade Walker, HuffPost]
To get The Morning Email, HuffPost's daily roundup of the news, in your inbox, sign up here. And listen to the news in under two minutes here.WHAT’S BREWINGAMAZON LAUNCHES ETSY COMPETITOR Meet Handmade at Amazon, which basically is another way to buy your DIY. [NYT]
THE POP STAR TO RULE THEM ALL "Nicki Minaj is the world’s biggest female hip-hop star, a top pop star and the first woman to achieve success in both genres." [NYT]
COME 2017, ONE-WAY TICKETS TO EUROPE FOR $69 According to Norwegian Air, you could be flying to Edinburgh for as little as $69. [HuffPost]
THIS SEEMS A BIT OBVIOUS But don't put pictures of your boarding pass on the Internet. [HuffPost]
HOW YOUR FAVORITE TV LAWYERS LITIGATE IN REAL LIFE Turns out Jack McCoy isn't quite what he's cracked up to be. [HuffPost]
THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS THE ROUTER When your Wi-Fi is spotty. [NYT]
YOU THINK TRAFFIC IN YOUR HOMETOWN IS BAD? Take a look at this Chinese traffic jam. [Digg]
For more from The Huffington Post, download our app for iOS or Android.WHAT'S WORKINGREFUGEES CAN TAKE ONLINE UNIVERSITY COURSES "A new online university preparing to launch later this month plans to help refugees continue their education and work toward a brighter future -- all for free. As Reuters’ Astrid Zweynert reported last week, the Berlin-based Kiron University has partnered with more than 20 universities throughout the world in order to offer a free, three-year program that will grant students an internationally accredited degree."[HuffPost]
ON THE BLOGCHELSEA MANNING: MILITARY HAIRCUTS "You see, that evening I found out that the military was going to force me to keep my hair cut very short, to the "male" hair standard. I didn't take the news well. I felt sick. I felt sad. I felt gross  --  like Frankenstein's monster wandering around the countryside avoiding angry mobs with torches and pitch forks." [HuffPost]
~ Yeah, we'd run like the wind, too, if the glass walkway beneath us started cracking … when we're 3,000 feet in the air.
~ Taylor Swift's playlist of her new favorite songs.
~ Silicon Valley meets the "Game of Thrones" credits.
~ This Lexus car made of cardboard can actually be driven.
~ If you sell beer in the stands, will college football crowds come?
~ Selena Gomez revealed her struggle with Lupus.
~ Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his birthday with a hockey game in which he scored seven goals.
~ This 567-pound guy rode his bike across America.
~ The FBI dug up $600,000 in the yard of a former armored truck driver.
~ Thought you didn't have enough space on airplanes? Welcome to the stack row.
~ Beyonce and Jay Z are renting out "The Big Lebowski" mansion.
~ And how Google plans to "save the web."Send tips/quips/quotes/stories/photos/events/scoops to Lauren Weber at Follow us on Twitter @LaurenWeberHP. And like what you're reading? Sign up here to get The Morning Email delivered to you.

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