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Travelle's Conference Survival Guide

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 13/11/2015 Travelle

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2015-11-12-1447345418-3554521-conferencesurvivalguide.png © Provided by The Huffington Post 2015-11-12-1447345418-3554521-conferencesurvivalguide.png By Eva Baczynska
Welcome to Part Two of Travelle's conference travel tip series. Whether you're there to gain new skills or information, meet new contacts, or to present something yourself, the pressure to wring the most out of a work conference can bring on a great deal of stress. But for those ladies who refuse to succumb to the pressure and want to turn a hectic day into a rewarding opportunity, Travelle has the tips you need to manage your stress level so you can rock that whirlwind of a business trip.
Start Off Right To Keep On Track
Make a detailed schedule ahead of time. It's a great way to kill time at the airport before getting on your flight! You'll feel less overwhelmed knowing what talks you want to see and where they are, and you won't have to make any split second decisions about which events to attend after carefully weighing out your options beforehand. This means you can also identify pockets of empty time to use as buffers for meetings and last minute changes. Check out or post on How To Prepare For A Conference to read more about prepping!
Skip The Starbucks
I think we've all done it. When you have something important to do, you grab that ever so comforting latte and get to it. But consider that when you are not only in an important situation, but also stressed, caffeine will likely make you jittery and affect your composure. You want to come off as confident--not overly excited or nervous. Stick with green tea for that edge without the frazzle.

Skip The Vending Machine Trip, Too

Just because you're busy or stressed doesn't mean you should be carrying around a pack of Oreos in your clutch. Eating poorly will not only make you sluggish, but it will affect your feelings of self-control and confidence. Bring some travel friendly healthy snacks like energy bars and an apple for when you feel like eating the stress away.
Handle It In The Moment
Identify your stress signals. Do you get a stiff neck, clenched jaw, staggered breath? If you're able to recognize the signals you can a) start addressing the problem and b) relax those physical signs of stress that probably make it feel worse than it is. Studies have shown that knowing your physical manifestations of stress can help you nip it in the bud more quickly.
Stretch Out The Stress
Especially if your conference lasts a couple of days, exercise is always a great solution to beating stress. But conference schedules are often so jam packed that you might want to save time by doing a little something in your room instead of hitting the gym. Try busting out some stress relieving yoga poses in your hotel room to find your center and refocus your thoughts.
Sneak Away for A Minute
Traveling to a new city? Try to make time in your schedule for one small activity during your trip. Maybe go take a look at a must see landmark, eat at a well-known local restaurant, or go take a peek at that amazing little boutique you saw on the taxi ride over to the conference. Sometimes a little breath of fresh air will allow you to refocus your mind and get rid of some conference stress.
Use The Force
The best way to handle stress at a conference is to use it to your advantage. Remind yourself that it's an opportunity to grow as a professional and to broaden your network with seriously good contacts. Let the opportunist in you come out! Focus your nervous energy on heightening your attention to what it is you want to achieve at this conference.
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