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Trump a 'big baby', says Garfield

Press Association logoPress Association 18/01/2017

US President-elect Donald Trump needs a "big kiss" and a hug, British actor Andrew Garfield says.

Garfield, 33, who was born in Los Angeles but grew up in the UK, called Republican Mr Trump a "big baby" ahead of the tycoon-turned-politician being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Friday.

Anti-Trump demonstrations are planned in cities across the globe, including London.

Garfield's latest role sees him star as American combat medic Desmond Doss - a conscientious objector - in Mel Gibson's Second World War film Hacksaw Ridge.

Speaking at a screening of the film at the Picturehouse Central in London on Wednesday, the Bafta-nominated actor told the Press Association: "I think everyone needs to give him a big kiss so maybe he'll calm the f*** down.

"Maybe he'll realise that he's just enough as he is.

"He doesn't have to go conquer the world and be a fascist dictator. I think all fascist dictators need a big kiss from everybody, a big hug."

Garfield was referencing a kiss he shared with fellow actor Ryan Reynolds earlier this month at the Golden Globes ceremony in the US where the pair locked lips as fellow best actor nominee Ryan Gosling collected his award.

He said Mr Trump needs someone to tell him "you're enough, it's not your fault".

"Whatever you're trying to remedy from not getting enough love as a child, 'you're alright'.

"Maybe in the course of the next four years we can soothe him like the big baby that he is," he added.

Mr Trump repeatedly clashed with celebrities during his campaign and since winning the election in November.

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