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Trump On ISIS: 'I Would Bomb The Shit Out Of Them'

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 13/11/2015 Nico Pitney
ATHENA IMAGE © Darren McCollester via Getty Images ATHENA IMAGE

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump said he would take a very aggressive stance against Islamic State vowing to "bomb the #%#^" out of them," at a rally at Iowa central Community College.

"ISIS is making a tremendous amount of money because they have certain areas of oil -- some in Syria some in Iraq," he said. "I would bomb the #%#^" out of them," he said.

"I would just bomb those s******, and that's right, I would blow up the pipes, I would blow up ....every single inch -- there would be nothing left, and you know what? You will get Exxon to come in there in two months....they will rebuild that s***** brand new, it will be beautiful ...and then I would take the oil."

Trump, a billionaire businessman has led opinion polls in the Republican race for months.

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