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Trump pledges support to US airline chiefs

dpa logodpa 9/02/2017 By Caroline Berdon

Donald Trump says he will reduce taxes to benefit airlines, roll back burdensome regulation and modernise air traffic control.

US President Donald Trump has promised the chief executives of the major US airlines that they have his support in the competition they face from international rivals.

In a meeting with the airline bosses at the White House, Trump noted many foreign competitors are subsidised by governments on a grand scale.

US airlines Delta, United and American have been complaining for years of unfair competition, especially from competitors Emirates, Etihad and Quatar airways.

Trump also said within a few weeks he would be announcing "phenomenal" steps to reduce taxes to benefit airlines and steps to roll back "burdensome regulations".

Southwest Airlines chief executive Gary Spoke said the top priority for helping airlines would be to modernise the air traffic control system. He said money spent on the system in the past has not helped improve it.

Trump said that the system could potentially work better if the Federal Aviation Administration were run by a pilot. Trump previously has criticised US airports as "obsolete" and vowed to support projects to modernise them.

He didn't discuss the condition of airports while reporters were present on Thursday, but congratulated airlines at succeeding "despite the bad equipment that the airport gives you, in many cases".

The world's airlines have been affected by Trump's temporary travel ban on citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries - currently on judicial hold - but Kelly said it wasn't a topic during the meeting.

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