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Tuesday's Morning Email: Terror Attacks Hit Brussels

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 22/03/2016 Lauren Weber

morning email © Provided by The Huffington Post morning email brussels attack © Provided by The Huffington Post brussels attack TOP STORIES BRUSSELS UNDER ATTACK At least 26 are dead and many more injured after a succession of terrorist attacks on Brussels' airport and a metro station. The explosions took place days after the capture of the suspected Paris attacker, Salah Abdeslam. Here's a map and photos of the allegedly coordinated attacks. [Alana Horowitz Satlin, HuffPost]
FBI TO APPLE: WE WILL HACK IN ANOTHER WAY "U.S. prosecutors said Monday that a 'third party' had presented a possible method for opening an encrypted iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters, a development that could bring an abrupt end to the high-stakes legal showdown between the government and Apple Inc." [Reuters]
IT'S THE OBAMAS’ FINAL DAY IN CUBA President Barack Obama met yesterday with Cuba's President Raul Castro, where they went back and forth on human rights. Check out what the Obama family has been up to, as well as a look at how the state media is covering their visit. And President Obama writes about reaching Havana. [President Barack Obama, HuffPost]
ARIZONA, IDAHO AND UTAH HEAD TO THE POLLS Can they keep hopes for a brokered convention alive? [NYT]
TENNIS TOURNAMENT CHIEF RESIGNS AFTER CONTROVERSIAL COMMENTS "[Raymond] Moore provoked outrage a day earlier when he said top-level women’s players rode 'on the coattails of the men' and were 'very, very lucky' to have equal prize money." [Reuters]

WHAT’S BREWINGARIANNA HUFFINGTON: ANNOUNCING THE SLEEP REVOLUTION COLLEGE TOUR "I’m thrilled to announce The Huffington Post’s Sleep Revolution College Tour, coming this spring to 50 campuses across the country, drawing on the latest science to raise awareness and spark a national conversation about the importance of sleep and the dangers of sleep deprivation." [HuffPost]
EMMA STONE IS GUNNING FOR AN OSCAR After signing up to play Rose Kennedy, the sister lobotomized in her early 20s. [Vanity Fair]
EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE NEW iPHONE Including just how small it is. [HuffPost]
COSTCO NOW HAS A DISCOUNT TRAVEL SITE It's already bookmarked. [HuffPost]
THE DRONE RACING LEAGUE "How to get this league ready for primetime, and who will watch, are the questions the DRL now faces." [Backchannel]
For more from The Huffington Post, download our app for iOS or Android.WHAT'S WORKINGTHE NEW iPHONE RECYCLING ROBOT "Apple Inc on Monday unveiled a robotic system called Liam to take apart junked iPhones and recover valuable materials that can be recycled, such as silver and tungsten." [HuffPost]
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~ Pope Francis is expected to speak out about the topic of divorce, a controversial one for so many Catholics around the world.
~ Kids around the country are too stressed out.
~ Stop looking at your phone and procrastinating about going to bed.
~ Gorgeous fruit desserts that are almost too pretty to eat.
~ You should probably follow Drake's dad on Instagram.
~ Answering the age old question: Should you sleep in your bra?
~ Want to feel old? Read the beauty that is the first tweets.
~ Daisy Ridley is all about playing Lara Croft.
~ Parrots are way smarter than you think.
~ It's rather concerning that this chocolate bunny does not melt when molten aluminum is poured over it.
~ Happy spring break: Meet the "micro monsters" lurking on the beach.

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BRUSSELS ATTACK © Sylvain Lefevre via Getty Images BRUSSELS ATTACK

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