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Unwanted Christmas gifts go on sale online

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 25/12/2016

Boxing Day may be the day shoppers flock to the stores to snap up bargains, but it's also becoming increasingly known as the day people try to flog their unwanted Christmas gifts online.

Already users of Trade Me's online auction site have posted toys from animated movie Minions, a hand drawn picture of a dog and a smoked Manuka ham as being up for sale.

"Boxing Day has become one of the best days to hit the shops both online and on foot," says Trade Me's Jeff Hunkin.

Last year, there were 530,000 searches for unwanted presents on the site on Boxing Day.

Mr Hunkin says each year beauty products, smooth jazz CDs, pairs of socks and women's underwear were among gifts most likely to be shipped straight back out the door.

He says a Trade Me survey showed 41 per cent of respondents approved of regifting unwanted presents, while 32 per cent disagreed and 27 per cent sat on the fence.

With a percentage still likely to be offended by the practice, he advised sellers to give a good back-story to their unwanted gift to help it sell but also be aware their gift giver could be shopping for bargains too.

"So avoid anything personalised or easily identifiable, or consider a grin-and- bear-it approach if it's a bit too risky," he says.

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