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Up Against The Wall Stylish People By Anka Itskovich

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 29/02/2016 Suzanne Donaldson

2016-02-26-1456509681-1014701-mrssizzlethelineup.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-02-26-1456509681-1014701-mrssizzlethelineup.jpg Anka is a stylist, storyteller and arbiter of chic. The Line Up is an amalgamation of all these things put together while capturing NYC's most stylish people. Of course, Mrs. Sizzle was focused on the dog people so here is a small collection of Anka's fabulous photos.
2016-02-26-1456509701-2281917-mrs.sizzlethelineup.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-02-26-1456509701-2281917-mrs.sizzlethelineup.jpg TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF...HOW DID YOU START THIS SERIES?

As a long time resident of New York City's East Village, I've documented the neighborhood's counter culture spirit since the late 90's, but the project only came into focus on Instagram. The square format is perfect for portraiture and the fluidity of digital technology has made it much easier to capture the authentically cool feel of downtown street style and share it with curious, like minded people all over the world.

2016-02-26-1456509726-8002817-ScreenShot20160226at12.57.50PM.png © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-02-26-1456509726-8002817-ScreenShot20160226at12.57.50PM.png WHAT FASCINATES YOU ABOUT CAPTURING THESE PEOPLE?

My images celebrate self expression, self confidence and diversity - strong, spirited people and their authentic personal style. But most importantly, I hope that the narrative of the_line_up will help create an engaged and interactive community - a style tribe.
2016-02-26-1456509750-4310342-ScreenShot20160226at12.58.01PM.png © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-02-26-1456509750-4310342-ScreenShot20160226at12.58.01PM.png IS IT SOMETHING ABOUT THEIR OUTFITS THAT CATCHES YOUR IMAGINATION AT FIRST?

I don't usually seek out people to photograph, I simply walk around the city. New Yorkers tend to wear a lot of black, so it's often that a flash of color or a unique hairstyle or even an "aura" of self confidence that catch my eye. Over the years I've developed what I jokingly call 'radar vision' that instantly hones in on anyone who looks or dresses in an unconventional or unique way. I often photograph friends and couples who look and dress alike and I find that pets and their owners mirror each other as well.
2016-02-26-1456509770-6834515-Mrssizzlethelineup1.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-02-26-1456509770-6834515-Mrssizzlethelineup1.jpg ARE YOU HOPING TO DO ANYTHING WITH THIS SERIES?

Eventually (and I'm only half kidding:) I hope to donate the thousands of the_line_up portraits to The National Portrait Gallery or The Museum Of The City Of New York or another esteemed institution as an urban anthropology archive that deeply reflects the spirit of contemporary cool.

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