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Video allegedly shows ISIS murdering 200 Syrian children

New York Daily News New York Daily News 9/11/2015 CORKY SIEMASZKO
A Kurdish Peshmerga soldier mans an observation post on the frontline with ISIS. © Getty Images A Kurdish Peshmerga soldier mans an observation post on the frontline with ISIS.

If true, it is an ISIS slaughter of children on an epic scale.

Footage of Islamic State militants mass murdering 200 Syrian kids was posted online Monday by anti-ISIS group based in Yemen.

Believed to have been filmed in August 2014 when ISIS captured the Tabqa airbase from Syrian government forces, it shows the militants mowing down the helpless children with machine guns as they lay on the ground with their faces in the dirt.

As the gunmen fire at point blank range, dust rises around them like apparitions during the 30-seconds of slaughter.

ISIS apparently recorded the massacre to be used for propaganda purposes — and it was not the first time the Muslim fanatics mimicked the Nazis, who used similar tactics to wipe out thousands of Jews, Poles and others they deemed undesirable during World War II.

The ISIS butchers slaughtered 1,700 captured Iraqi cadets last year after forcing one last humiliation on them by making them jog through the desert in their underwear.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, local terrorists allied with ISIS demonstrated the group’s other signature brand of brutality in Afghanistan by lining-up four men, two women and defenseless child — and chopping off their heads.

All were members of a long-oppressed ethnic Shiite minority called the Hazara, Afghan officials confirmed Monday.

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani said he was “profoundly saddened” by the killings and vowed to punish the culprits.

The headless bodies of the victims, all of whom were kidnapped a month ago, were found Saturday in the Zabul province, local governor Mohammad Anwar said.

ISIS, which currently holds large swaths of Iraqi and Syrian territory, has been out-terrorizing the Taliban since it began infiltrating the eastern provinces of Afghanistan in October 2014, U.S. officials have said.

Some local militant Islamic groups that normally would have turned to the Taliban, which has been riven by factional fighting, have sworn allegiance to ISIS instead, they said.

Two months ago, ISIS-allied militants reportedly executed 10 civilians in the Nangarhar province by positioning them over an explosive device — then detonating it.

That same month, at least 60 of the militants were killed and two officers injured when hundreds of ISIS fighters attacked police checkpoints in Nangarhar province.

In Egypt, police reported they killed the commander of a local ISIS affiliate during a raid on their hideout in Cairo.

Ashraf Ali Hassanein Gharabli was killed in a gun battle when cops tried to arrest him Sunday in the El-Marg neighborhood, officials said.

Gharabli, who was accusing of beheading a captured Croatian engineer last summer and killing a U.S. oil worker a year earlier, opened fire with a 9-mm pistol when an Egyptian police officer approached the car he was sitting in, they said.

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