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Wedding Bells "Rudy" Keshia Knight Pulliam Has Officially Tied The Knot

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 1/03/2016 Tenille Livingston

The world knows her as the darling Rudy of the Cosby Show and Tyler Perry's House of Payne as Miranda. She is now Mrs. Keshia Knight Pulliam-Hartwell. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the two newlyweds for an exclusive interview. Keshia recently shared their engagement on Instagram and it created an uproar, but as of New Years Eve it's no rumor she has officially tied the knot with Ex-NFL Baltimore Raven Football Player Mr. Ed Hartwell. The two had an intimate ceremony in their Atlanta home surrounded with lots of love,family, and flowers.

In the summer of 2015 while working on one of her projects which are dear to her heart she needed help with the curriculum for her Project James program. A friend assisting her at the time said "I know just the right person" and reached out to Ed Hartwell, ex NFL Player of the Baltimore Ravens .

When Ed learned who it was that was in need of his assistance he put aside his plans and came back to Atlanta to assist Keshia with her project. At the time Keshia was unaware that Ed had a crush on her and Keshia's mom, who is the Executive director of her foundation, had expressed to her daughter that she thought Ed was a really good guy.

With both projects James and Kamp Kizzy they teach the children through experience and exposure. Ed came to assist on Caribbean night where they served Caribbean cuisine and Keshia's mom invited Ed to stay and he did.

Ed later decided that he wanted to spend time with Keshia outside of the projects and desired to get to know Keshia. The two started to see more of each other and their very first date was at Keshia's home. Keshia loves to cook, so she put Ed to work and had him light the grill. Though Ed was dressed to impress he was still willing to assist her.

I asked the two how did they know that this was it?Ed replied, "After experiencing unsuccessful relationships and with age you learn what you want in a partner and what you don't want. I saw that she had everything that I desired in a relationship and more." Keshia replied, "After experiencing a broken heart you grow to learn what you want and Ed was everything I wanted."

Ed comes from a family of six and I come from a family of four. I am very close with my family and I loved the fact that we both embraced the same values and morals. We balance each other out and he is like the male version of Keshia and I him."

Ed had to meet a certain criteria in order to ask for Keshia's hand in marriage." It was like I was pledging to be in a fraternity,"Ed said jokingly. He knew that Keshia's dad loved and cared deeply for his daughter, yet he was willing to do whatever to prove that he was the right man for her. Keshia said "My dad and Ed are pretty close and gel well with each other.
The two have plans to have children in the near future, so to clear all rumors Keshia is not with child. I asked Keshia how it feels being a step mom and she said "I personally don't like the term step mom, I love EJ and let him know that he only has one mom and he receives double the love. We spend lots of quality time together and have nicknames for each other which works well for us." The two were also asked how their past relationships prepare them for marriage and they shared that their past relationships revealed to them what they didn't want in a relationship and it made them stronger.

When asked What advice would you give to a single man and or woman that are looking for the right soulmate? Keshia replied, " It is so important to know that you are enough and you must know who you are as an individual. You must love yourself before you can fully love someone else. She also added that a lot of women have the tendency to be the chasers instead of allowing the man to take the lead. Keshia went on to say that it's okay to relax while allowing yourself to be vulnerable with the right partner.

After dating and realizing that you continue to find a man that mistreats you; you must then come to the conclusion that you are the common denominator and you must start looking within to find out why you continue to settle.

When asked was the wedding all that you dreamed it would be the two stated that it was perfect. Keshia said "I dreamed of my wedding day being surrounded in love, family, and flowers. Since I was a little girl I desired to be married and one day have a family."

Ed and Keshia went through marriage counseling prior to their wedding day. During the counseling the minister was sure the two were cheating on their assignments because of their identical answers. They are both very much alike and that's what makes their relationship unique.

They are surrounded around amazing married couples, loving family, and friends. They both mentioned that they admire their mentor and ordained minister Raymond Coleman's marriage.If the two ever needed advice they would go to those that have a successful marriage than to get counsel from a couple who's marriage is failing.

They were also asked how are they able to juggle marriage, family, and their projects and they replied, "We just do!"Keshia stated,"I am everything Ed needs and he is everything I need. We support each other."

The newlyweds are both philanthropist and very active in their community. The two are both working on their own projects while managing to juggle family and be a great support to one another. Ed recently celebrated a grand opening for his gym "Big Hart" Wellness & Sports Academy located in Duluth, GA where every child can achieve their dreams and get healthy. Ed believes that each child has the ability to achieve greatness and it is his ultimate goal to see that every child that attends the gym is healthy and successful.
There are many that may not like the gym atmosphere or are unable to make it to the gym, so Ed has created an App that will allow you to experience the gym right where you are. You will receive nutritional food tips and an overall guide for healthy living. The App is a great tool to motivate you and assist you on the road to a healthy lifestyle. If you would to download the App you can do so by emailing the gym at Those that download the App can also choose to upgrade and you and by doing so you will automatically make a contribution to Ed's Big Hart Foundation.

From Keshia's acting career to Kamp Kizzy, Project James, and her Podcast Kandidly Keshia the newly Mrs. Hartwell is now taking on a new endeavor in the world of cooking. She is currently working on "Keshia's Kitchen," a new cook book filled with some of her favorite cooking recipes.

The two are excited about their future together and look forward to all the amazing opportunities that are to come.
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