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Wellington takes aim at flying parkers

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 1/02/2017

Flyers who have been parking in the Wellington suburb of Miramar to avoid airport fees may soon have to find a new solution as officials look at clipping their wings.

Wellington City Council is considering introducing 24-hour time-restricted parking near the airport.

Frustrated Miramar residents last year claimed the council had done nothing prevent people leaving their cars and walking to the airport

Some hit back by placing makeshift fences and concrete blocks outside their homes, and one even resorted to slashing tyres.

The council has been looking hard at the complex issues relating to parking pressures in the south Miramar area, councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman says.

"Our intention is to make it financially unattractive for people to park for long periods within the boundaries."

All home-made barriers on berms to deter airport parkers would be removed, but the council would offer to replace them with posts and planting.

Residents can provide their feedback on the proposal until February 24.

Mr Calvi-Freeman said traffic experts had been collecting data and looking into the concerns of residents over the past year and weighing up various options for improvements.

However, he said the airport was not the only reason for parking problems in the area as other businesses attracted more workers needing parking.

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