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What they're saying about the Moko case

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 27/06/2016


"The extremity of the violence, multiple acts of violence, the breach of trust involved in your offending are all at the most serious end of manslaughter cases" - Justice Sarah Katz

"Based on the evidence available for trial, there was a substantial risk that one or both of the defendants would not be convicted of the legal charge of murder or manslaughter" - Attorney-General Christopher Finlayson

"We need to stay committed and we need to be loud and clear that we will not be tolerating child abuse in our country" - Sensible Sentencing Trust

"The message has to be clear - if you violently abuse a child in such a way that it results in their death, then it will be treated as murder. Violent child abusers should not get manslaughter when the child victim gets a life sentence" - Family First's Bob McCoskrie

"They've actually got off fairly lightly" - SST's David Garrett

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