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What To Do In The Dark During Earth Hour

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 9/03/2016 College Tourist

By: College Tourist 2016-03-09-1457496004-2856585-ScreenShot20160308at9.58.09PM.png © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-03-09-1457496004-2856585-ScreenShot20160308at9.58.09PM.png
Switch off on Study Abroad for the places we love. Shine a light on Climate Action this Earth Hour, March 19. #ChangeClimateChange
"Earth Hour is a worldwide grassroots movement uniting people to protect the planet, and is organised by WWF. It's on March 19. The event is held worldwide annually encouraging individuals, communities, households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour. 26 Major Cities around the World now participate in the event."
United States, Shining a light on Climate Action and You.
Walk of the Gods, Amalfi Coast
Hike the Walk of the Gods for an incredible sunrise. While visiting the Amalfi Coast in Italy, a hike along the Walk of the Gods is a must for anyone. Take the challenge and start the hike in the early morning before the sun has come up so you have the chance to capture the glow of the morning sunrise. Roslyn Kent, University of Calgary 2016-03-09-1457496034-6097958-a.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-03-09-1457496034-6097958-a.jpg Find your Zen Moment in Oahu, Hawaii
Looking out over the vast ocean, taking in every bit of natural beauty that Oahu, Hawaii has to offer. Is there anything more peaceful than just sitting still on the rocks overlooking the crashing waves as the white of the surf is illuminated as night begins to take over? Wind sweeping through your hair and mist filling the warm air. Just sit and be still as the night begins to fall and the dark hour begins. Sara Burke, Georgia Southern University 2016-03-09-1457496095-1090328-b.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-03-09-1457496095-1090328-b.jpg Enjoy the Stars (without the light pollution) Israeli Desert.
Look at the stars or see the sunset in the Israeli desert. Far from any big cities, nothing seems a peaceful as laying on the ground staring up at a sky full of stars. It's breathtaking, and was definitely on of my favorite parts of my visit to Israel, just looking at what seems like an endless realm of stars up above. A magical sight. Miranda Siwak, Elon University 2016-03-09-1457496146-8767343-c.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-03-09-1457496146-8767343-c.jpg Sunrise Hike to enjoy the Israeli Desert early.
Take a sunrise hike up to the top of Masada for a breathtaking view of the sunrise. So, you'll have to wake up around 4 in the morning and hike the steep steps to reach the top, but the view overlooking the Israeli desert and to see the sunrise in its entirety is worth the trek. (both images are from the sunrise at Masada) Miranda Siwak, Elon University 2016-03-09-1457496196-7135958-d.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-03-09-1457496196-7135958-d.jpg Watch mountains and ocean come together. Brazil.
Enjoy the view from the Pedra do Arpoador in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where you'll see the mountains and ocean merge together in a beautiful palate of colors. Nikki McKenna, Florida Atlantic University 2016-03-09-1457496241-9859818-e.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-03-09-1457496241-9859818-e.jpg Italy without the crowds
Wherever you are, take this opportunity to see one of your favorite landmarks in a new "light". There's a whole other experience and magic in these places when the sun sets and the tourists leave. If you're in Rome check out the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, or the Piazza San Pietro in Vatican City. Emily Roth, University of Connecticut. 2016-03-09-1457496281-7938710-f.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-03-09-1457496281-7938710-f.jpg See the Northern Lights
Go aurora hunting in search of the spectacular Northern Lights. Seeing the Northern Lights, also known as The Aurora Borealis is a must for any world traveler and is an amazing late night activity. Peak viewing season lasts from Late fall through the winter months until around March every year. The best places to see the Northern Lights are the Scandinavian countries, particularly Finland, Iceland and Norway, but sightings are also common in Russia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and on rare occasions parts of the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland! So take a trip to one of the mentioned countries and spend a night or two taking in one of the world's most amazing natural occurrences! Emily Freebery, Fordham University 2016-03-09-1457496331-296328-studyabroadpackinglist2.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-03-09-1457496331-296328-studyabroadpackinglist2.jpg
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