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What's Wrong With Bernie Supporters on Facebook?

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 16/03/2016 Lev Raphael

I've had a Bernie sign up on my lawn since last spring--before there were official signs available from his campaign.
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I admire his passion, his record, his stance on almost every major issues, and just voted for him in the Michigan Democratic primary. I hope he can win the nomination, but given Clinton's cash, the paucity of debates, her breakthrough appeal to women voters, her appeal to African-Americans, her delegate total after yesterday's primaries, I think he's a long shot.and
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I disagree with Clinton on many issues, and I think the debate schedule was rigged in her favor. I also think that Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been a failure as party chair, just as awful as Harry Reid was in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi when she led the House.
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I signed petitions to the DNC calling for a new head of the party and for more debates, but I've never insulted Wasserman Schultz personally or said that she looked like a "cheap hooker." That comparison was made on Facebook by a woman supporting Sanders. When I objected, she basically told me I was taking her comment too seriously.
I think the opposite is true: she wasn't taking her comment seriously enough--and she's not alone. The level of vitriol and misogyny on Facebook posts attacking Wasserman Schultz and Clinton by Sander supporters is disgraceful. How does being a woman give you a free pass to vilify other women?
And how are any of these people better than the haters spouting racist or anti-Semitic comments elsewhere on Facebook? They degrade the conversation almost as much as Trump does every day. He's the enemy, not Clinton.
This morning alone, on one Facebook wall, I saw pro-Bernie comments hoping that Clinton would be indicted, I saw her called "a dangerous bitch," and saw her compared to Hitler. That all sounded like the kind of vomitous rhetoric you hear from the GOP
Bernie deserves better. We all do.
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