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Where the MPs stand on euthanasia

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 8/06/2017

Members of Parliament on where they stand on the End of Life Choice Bill that would legalise euthanasia in select circumstances:

"We have convinced a third of them, and I think we will convince more than a majority - I think we are easily going to pass this legislation" - David Seymour, Act Party.

"No" - Gerry Brownlee, National.

"I'm not an absolute no, I suppose I'd want to see what the consequences are, what the kind of detail is" - Paula Bennett, National.

"I don't mind someone being given an extra jab of morphine if they've got a few days to live" - Christopher Finlayson, National.

"I've been well on the record for a while now that I'm opposed to euthanasia because of my academic and experience in hospitals and hospices" - Simon O'Connor, National.

"For me personally ... I think the current system serves those who need that care and compassion and I think they do a good job. I see no reason to change" - Todd Muller, National.

"I'm in support of it" - Chris Bishop, National.

"I'm in favour of good quality, excellent palliative care" - Jonathan Coleman, National.

"For me I'm not a supporter of euthanasia and I've got a number of reasons about that, but it's a conscience vote" - Marama Fox, Maori Party.

"I'd rather be guided by what our constituency feels about it so probably at this point in time no, but I'll take leave from our people" - Te Ururoa Flavell, Maori Party.

"It may be that I vote for it at first reading although I am unlikely I think to vote for it all the way through passing" - Simon Bridges.

"Everyone in New Zealand needs to have their say and I will vote how I vote and I will just be one of those people in that referendum" - Fletcher Tabuteau, NZ First.

"Ultimately with the Green Party we have policy on assisted dying around terminally ill people, it doesn't go as far as what's in David Seymour's bill" - Julie Anne Genter, Green Party.

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