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Why Genuine Happiness Will Lead You to Success

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 9/03/2016 Richard Lorenzen
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There is no end to the different tips, tricks and self-help books out there that teach people how to be more successful. While these aides do bring a certain amount of value, there is one very large thing that any person can do in order to bring more success in their lives; they can be happy. It may seem like a simple fix, but it is an effective one and it is something that not enough people in our world today are embracing.
However, if you can find a way to be truly and genuinely happy with your life, it will start leading you to the type of success that you never thought was possible.
A positive mindset really is everything.
A positive mindset is perhaps the most powerful tool in the world. With the right attitude and the right outlook, you can make bit goals for yourself and stay on track for meeting those goals. However, there is even more science behind this notion than many people realize. Research performed by Shawn Anchor for The Happiness Advantage has found that happiness is not a reward or afterthought of success, but rather an advantage for getting ahead. This research has found that genuine happiness buts your brain at its highest potential possible for motivation, top performance, achievement and productivity. If you find ways to be happy and present in your life and to have a genuine enthusiasm and joy for the world around you, then the success and productivity will come. If you need to, use positive affirmations like these to keep your mind focused on happiness and not negativity.
When you're happy, you're confident.
If there is one thing that successful people truly need in order to withstand the demands of the market, it is confidence. Having authentic confidence means having the tools and abilities to handle challenges, difficult times and setbacks without letting them get you rattled. You need to be confident in your own abilities in order to keep working towards your goals even in the presence of adversity.
Customers, clients, investors and potential partners all look for individuals who are confident when it comes to finding people to do business with. After all, if you are not confident in yourself and your business, then why should they be confident in you?
People who are truly and genuinely happy tend to have much more confidence in themselves. They are much more likely to understand their strengths and weaknesses and realize the talents that they have. Being happy in general typically leads to you being happier with yourself. If you can truly embrace being happy, you may find that a little side of confidence comes along with it and that confidence can go a long way in helping your career flourish.
Successful people don't do business with downers.
If you talk to today's most successful individuals and look at the type of people that they tend to do business with, chances are you won't see a lot of downers on the list. Successful individuals want to work with happy people. There is a lot to be said about the positivity that a happy person can bring to any transaction or partnership. The average successful individual does not want to waste their time with people who are negative, angry or sad all of the time.
Success and happiness truly do go hand in hand. All of the hard work that you put into being successful should, above all things, bring you a sense of happiness, otherwise what is the point of working so hard? There are so many people who think that they need to find success in order to be happy, when they fail to realize if they work on bringing happiness to their life first, the success will come. Happiness is the most important goal in the world. If you work on bringing a genuine sense of happiness to your life, the success will follow.
Whether its exercising more, spending time with friends and family or engaging in your most beloved hobbies, take some time to really focus on what makes you happy in life, if you do you will find it will only start to breed more success in all of your personal and professional ventures.

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