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Why It's Officially Time To Ditch Your Black Tights For Good

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 19/02/2016 Refinery29

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Listen, we've got nothing against black tights. They're flattering, go with everything (yes, even navy or brown outfits), and they're easy to replace if and when they rip (which, admittedly, happens a little too often). But the runways at New York Fashion Week have us rethinking this cold-weather staple: What if our tights were actually a focal point of our outfits, rather than a subtle supplement?
Well, it may be time to give your black pairs a rest in favor of some louder or more colorful variations -- like we've seen on the runways of Zimmermann, Alexander Wang, and Tanya Taylor. Whether they're printed with graphics, perfectly matched to the rest of your look, or making a literal statement with words, the selection ahead can add some sartorial excitement to any ensemble, regardless of how cold the windchill is outside. Before you write these tights off as childish or tacky, click through to see how some of our favorite labels are making them work. We swear, your black tights won't look nearly as appealing after you get a dose of this.

2016-02-17-1455740220-3276407-image7.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-02-17-1455740220-3276407-image7.jpg
Winter dressing feels a lot more fun when your tights match your scarf.
Tanya Taylor 2016-02-17-1455740260-3928005-image8.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-02-17-1455740260-3928005-image8.jpg
If you're not a huge fan of color, you don't need to go overboard. These tights have subtle floral accents that play off of the dress' embroidery.
Tanya Taylor 2016-02-17-1455740302-6242868-image9.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-02-17-1455740302-6242868-image9.jpg

Pulling off this trend is all about repetition -- coordinating the tights with something on top (like your shirt) can tie the look together.
Tanya Taylor 2016-02-17-1455740344-635357-image10.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-02-17-1455740344-635357-image10.jpg

Alexander Wang's two-tone, word-driven take on sheer black tights is perfect for our inner punk.
Alexander Wang 2016-02-17-1455740382-6725336-image11.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-02-17-1455740382-6725336-image11.jpg
They're just as practical as your plain black ones, but have that much more of an edge.
Alexander Wang
For the rest of our picks, visit Refinery29.
By: Alyssa Coscarelli
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