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Why Matt Bomer And Lady Gaga Felt So Comfortable With Each Other In Their Gruesome 'AHS' Scene

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 8/10/2015 Sara Boboltz

WARNING: Spoilers below for the "American Horror Story: Hotel" season premiere. 

Wednesday night's premiere of "American Horror Story: Hotel" proved the horror anthology still has the power to surprise. And terrify. And gross out

Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga's bloody foursome, however, was a scene like nothing else in the series (or maybe on basic cable) thus far. It began with a darkly peppy pop-punk tune as the pair's Donovan and Countess characters readied themselves for an old movie screening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where they picked up an innocent young couple. The tryst turned deadly, ending with the Hotel Cortez residents lying beside each other in a pool of the others' blood.

Yikes. Shocking, but it turns out, not that difficult to shoot, according to Bomer. As he explained to multipleoutlets, Gaga invited him and Finn Wittrock, who she was also slated to film intimate scenes with, to dinner at her house beforehand so they could get to know each other. (She also threw a pool party for the whole cast.)

"Thank God Stefani is not only a brilliant actress but also very relatable," Bomer told The Hollywood Reporter. "She made sure she broke down the walls for all of us. When you’re that big of a star, the ball is in your court to level the playing field and make yourself approachable. By the time the cameras were rolling, I was able to relate to her as a friend."

Aw. That's almost cute.

And as for all the gore, apparently it was less stomach-churning than it looked.

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