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Winter to have another bite

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 6/09/2016

Batten down the hatches, winter is having another bite at the country.

A cold snap is predicted for the coming days, along with gale-strength winds predicted for the South Island and up to Wellington from Wednesday.

The MetService says 120km/h winds are forecast for the eastern side of the South Island, strong enough to hammer the infrastructure and make driving difficult.

Alpine pass roads in the South Island were expected to be snowed under and snow is also possible for the Rimutaka Hill road north of Wellington.

Frosts and black ice on the roads have also been predicted for many areas of the South Island on Friday.

Click below for handy tips on how to drive in winter conditions:

1) Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Read the Terrain: "There are clues, dead giveaways that tell you where the most icy and dangerous spots are on the road," says Foust. Correctly reading the terrain is key to avoiding a skid or worse—an accident. So our experts agree it's crucial to study the road surface and choose a path that avoids potentially hazardous spots. Foust says, "If you drive into the shadow of a mountain, or even a stand of tall trees, recognize that there could be some ice or slippery condition hiding in the shade." So it's important to slow down when you see these clues, even if the rest of the road is bone dry. SRT's Heuschele says he recently noticed an icy condition on his drive home that was causing accidents and completely avoidable. He says, "It was very cold, about 10 degrees, and the tracks everyone was driving in had turned to glare ice." He continues, "All you had to do was move the car over two feet to the right or left and you had great traction. But nobody was doing it." Sometimes the smartest route isn't the one the rest of the motorists are taking. Debogorski says the most dangerous conditions can be right around freezing. "Maybe there's still ice on the ground but it's melting," he says. "When the sun comes out and makes the ice wet, you're in trouble unless you have very good tires." How to Drive in Winter: 12 Hacks from the Pros to Master Travel in Snow and Ice
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