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Woman to become homeless 'after discovering her flat is actually a hotel'

Mirror logo Mirror 20/04/2017

Credits: kent Live WS © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: kent Live WS A young tenant is about to be made homeless after reportedly discovering her flat is a hotel.

Jodie Roberts, 28, was ecstatic when she finally found a place to live last October following months of sofa surfing and getting by with help from charities.

But the Folkestone, Kent, resident, who suffers from severe anxiety problems, has suddenly been told this month to vacate her home in Trinity Crescent by May 29.

Miss Roberts said she found the one bedroom flat on, and insists she was led to believe she was renting the property as a tenant.

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The room in Meyrick Court is still advertised on, but fails to say it is a hotel, Kent Live reports .

"I've rented on my own for about 10 years, and have been homeless for the past six months before I moved here so I was happy to have finally had roof over my head", said Miss Roberts, who has mental health problems and claims housing benefit

After moving in last year, Miss Roberts has been moved around three different rooms in Trinity Crescent due to building works.

After signing new documents each time and being asked to transfer her rent into different bank accounts, she then discovered the temporary basis of her rent agreement.

Credits: kent Live WS © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: kent Live WS

She said: "The building manager asked me to sign a new commitment page for the new room.

"He dictated to me what I needed to write, saying I agree to vacate the premises by May 29.

"After I questioned him, he said to me we are holiday homes.

"As soon as he told me I started crying. I've been in foster care, I've only just recently found a place to live after being homeless and I have mental health issues so I need a stable place to live.

"Nothing says it's a hotel anywhere."

Credits: kent Live WS © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: kent Live WS

"It has taken me six months to find somewhere to live as I have no guarantors and no family," she continued.

"Waiting for a one bedroom place from the council to come up in Folkestone could be years.

"All you can do is wait for luck – but I'll have to wait for luck with nowhere to live."

Miss Roberts has since received a letter from Rootes and Alliott Solicitors, who represent Meyrick Court's owners Kent Rooms Limited, informing her property is a hotel.

The building manager of Meyrick Court, who prefers not to be named, said: "We are purely a hotel.

"The first day Miss Roberts moved in she filled in a form and said she understood the nature of the agreement.

"The first day she moved into our building we explained to her the last day of her stay is May 29."

Miss Roberts insists the documents she signed at the beginning of the tenancy "did not state anywhere" her flat was actually a holiday home.

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