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Xbox One S teardown reveals a simpler, speedier design

Engadget Engadget 3/08/2016 Jon Fingas
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If you're a console gamer, you've probably been wondering: how did Microsoft manage to shrink the Xbox One S so much compared to its predecessor? And importantly, did it have to make any big sacrifices in the process? iFixit will be more than happy to show you. The DIY repair shop just tore down the Xbox One S, and it's clear that nothing has been lost in the move to a smaller size... in fact, there are a couple of pleasant surprises.

It's about as easy to take apart as the larger Xbox, with an even cleaner modular layout. A hard drive replacement remains the only real hassle, iFixit says. And importantly, the faster graphics aren't the only upgrade. You'll also get a slightly faster hard drive with a larger cache and an SATA III interface (at least with the 2TB model), and the newly internalized power supply should work "anywhere there's a plug." It's evident that Microsoft saw the S as an opportunity to spruce up its overall Xbox One design, even in subtle ways that wouldn't be immediately noticeable.


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