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'Yolocaust' site slams memorial selfies

dpa logodpa 22/01/2017 By Caroline Berdon

A photo project that calls out tourists taking inappropriate selfies at a Holocaust memorial by doctoring their images has swept the internet.

Berlin tourists may want to think again before taking jovial selfies at the city's Holocaust memorial, after a website went live with the aim of calling out inappropriate behaviour there.

"Yolocaust" - a portmanteau of the acronym YOLO (You Only Live Once) and the word Holocaust - has become a viral hit since going online on Wednesday.

It shows selfies and holiday snaps taken at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

By hovering a mouse over them, users can see doctored versions of the pictures, with the posers positioned against a backdrop of gruesome images from the concentration camps, including piles of bodies.

The website generated 500,000 clicks in its first 12 hours, an agent representing Shahak Shapira, the Berlin-based artist who created the site, said on Thursday.

The people in the pictures are seen grinning, extending selfie sticks, juggling and even doing yoga among the concrete blocks that make up the site, which commemorates the systematic murder of Jews by the Nazi regime in World War II.

"No historical event compares to the Holocaust. It's up to you how to behave at a memorial site that marks the death of 6 million people," a message on the website reads.

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