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Paid Parental Leave Bill laid to rest

NZ First leader Winston Peters - there are billions to be had in the sell off

NZ First leader Winston Peters offers his thoughts on the sell off of public assets “According to Ernest and Young there are billions to be had in a big sell off. I’ll give you a short part of the list here. With the sell off they said the share in the airport. Funny that. Everyone wants to go out to the airport because it makes money. Everyone from offshore wants to buy the airport as the Americans did. Because it makes money. But they are in this country calling themselves professional academics saying it’s not a good idea. Well how come the rest of the world thinks it’s a great idea. And they say hang on they’ve got Vector, which is a private trust owned company owned by the people in Auckland. They say that’s worth 2 billion. And then they say why don’t we sell off the Ports of Auckland, and then here’s the big one Water Care Services. It’s coming out of the sky. It has a book value of 8 billion dollars. And they want to get their hands on it. You know what the old adage is. He who controls the water controls the people. It’s that simple. Be warned if you’re an Aucklander choose well.”
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