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Parents offer $136k salary to nanny their 'demanding' kids

Newshub logoNewshub 17/05/2018 Newshub staff

© Provided by MediaWorks NZ Limited A job advertised in the UK offering an annual salary of NZ$136,000 has amazingly not gathered much attention. 

What seems like a great job with a well-above-average salary, 18 days of annual leave, and free accommodation, isn't everything it's hyped up to be. 

It's a nanny role where the successful applicant would take care of two children, 7 and 9, in Leicestershire. But the parents admit their children are not the most obedient little tykes. 

In a post on parenting website, the parents said their children's behaviour can be "challenging" and "demanding". 

The three previous nannies for the kids left the job within the last six months, the parents said in the ad. Now, they've let their kids write the requirements for the new nanny. 

The children said they "want to make cakes every day and have pizza for dinner all the time", and don't want to have any rules. The nanny would have to do all of the children's homework and not make them do any chores.

If the new nanny is willing to meet these terms, the children said they'll behave - but if the terms aren't met, the kids will "be naughty and get upset". 

The parents insist their children are "really are lovely" when you get to know them. 

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