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Federer wants players named

Sky Sports Sky Sports 19/01/2016
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Roger Federer has called for those tennis players alleged to have been involved in match fixing to be named.

The 17-time Grand Slam winner and world No 3 said he "would love" to know who has been implicated in a report by the BBC and Buzzfeed News on Monday.

The report accused tennis authorities of failing to deal with 16 players being repeatedly flagged up to the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) over suspicions of matches being thrown.

World No 1 Novak Djokovic admitted yesterday that his team were once offered $200,000 to fix a match, as the multiple grand slam champions reacted to these sensational claims.

And Federer, who easily beat Nikoloz Basilashvili 6-2 6-1 6-2 in his first-round match of the Australian Open, said: "I would love to hear names.

"Then at least it's concrete stuff and you can actually debate about it. Was it the player? Was it the support team? Who was it? Was it before? Was it a doubles player, a singles player? Which slam?

"How high up does it go? The higher it goes, the more surprised I would be, no doubt about it. We've got to do everything keep the sport clean. It's vital, there's no doubt about it.

"It's all over the place. It's nonsense to answer something that is pure speculation."

Getty © Provided by BSkyB Getty

Djokovic said he doubted whether match-fixing was taking place in the higher echelons of the game but said his team had been approached in 2007 to throw a match.

"I was approached through people working with me. Of course, we threw it away right away. It didn't even get to me," he said.

"From my knowledge and information about match-fixing, there is nothing happening at the top level, as far as I know.

"At challenger level, maybe, maybe not. But I'm not entitled to really talk about it. I can give my opinion."

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