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UFC champion Conor McGregor could face legal action by luxury car hire firm after standing on a Rolls-Royce

Mirror logo Mirror 13/04/2017 Marc Isaacs
Conor McGregor could face legal action over this picture. © @thenotoriousmma/Instagram Conor McGregor could face legal action over this picture.

UFC champion Conor McGregor could face legal action by the luxury car hire whose Rolls-Royce he was standing on following his party antics in Liverpool.

McGregor was determined to make the most of his weekend on Merseyside following his visit to the Grand National festival and has been pictured at several locations.

The Irish mixed martial arts fighter was also happy to share his moments as he posted a picture on his Instagram account showing him standing on the bonnet of a luxury car in the driveway of a house, believed to be in Huyton, but it could now come back to haunt him.

Credits: Sunday Mirror © Sunday Mirror Credits: Sunday Mirror The Liverpool Echo are reporting that the picture has angered bosses at Platinum Executive Travel - who said they were assessing the car, believed to be a £240,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith, for damage and considering whether to take legal action.

A spokesman for the Midlands-based company said: “He is stood on the car acting like it is his own. It is not his own.”

Credits: Mansion Nightclub © Mansion Nightclub Credits: Mansion Nightclub The extraordinary row first came to light when social media personality “Lord” Aleem Iqbal, whose dad Saleem runs the executive rental firm, posted an angry response to McGregor’s post.

In it he said: “When you own one Conor you can stand on it like Floyd until then you can lose your deposit for standing on mine.”

Platinum Executive Travel also said they would be looking in to the conduct of the chauffeur who was hired with the car.

The company spokesman, who did not confirm how much deposit had been paid for the vehicle booked by McGregor, said the professional fighter would not be welcome to book through them again due to “the level of disrespect” he had shown.

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