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Stunning drone footage over beautiful (and famous) cattle farm

There is a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario where cows wander over lush green pastures. They cool off in refreshing ponds and graze in the meadows in the heat of summer. The cattle are free to roam as they please, which creates opportunities for social time or for choosing quiet time on their own, if they desire. The farm is situated on rolling hills with forested areas all around. These cows are well loved and well cared for. They are healthy and happy in this picturesque home. This property has been a family farm, and the farmer and his wife are equal partners in the workload now that the kids are grown and have moved away. They live in a nice home on the top of the hill that overlooks the cow pasture. The wraparound porch is the perfect spot to relax and watch the cows, ever ready to intervene if they need help in any way. Recently, one of the cows, Flo, had her calf right beside the fence. The slight slope caused the calf to slide under the fence and it couldn't get to its mother. Poor Flo bellowed for help when a passing motorist stopped at the side of the road to watch the cows as they bathed in the pond. The resulting interaction between the cow and the motorist was caught on video, as well as the "rescue" that saw her reunited with her baby. The internet community named the calf "Sparky". The video emphasized the intelligence that Flo displayed in communicating her need for help, as well as her emotional attachment to her baby, evident by her agitation as she watched it lie helpless in the ditch beside the fence. After seeing this loving mother and her obvious gratitude toward the motorist, it was impossible to deny that these creatures are more complex than we give them credit for. (Worried Mama Cow Asks Man to Rescue Her Newborn Calf). This drone footage shown here gives us a bird's eye view of this now famous farm and the herd that shed a whole new light on the bond between a mother cow and her calf. Flo and Sparky are actually seen here looking curiously at the drone as it is flown over the family farm to capture the beauty and majesty of this wonderful property.
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