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AA Gill's acerbic wit remembered

AAP logoAAP 10/12/2016

British reviewer AA Gill will be remembered for his writing style and his use of language. Here are eight quotes from the restaurant critic:

* "I realise I don't have a bucket list; I don't feel I've been cheated of anything. I'd like to have gone to Timbuktu, and there are places I will be sorry not to see again. But actually, because of the nature of my life and the nature of what happened to me in my early life - my addiction, I know I have been very lucky. I gave up (alcohol) when I was still quite young, so it was like being offered the next life. It was the real Willy Wonka golden ticket, I got a really good deal. And at the last minute I found something I could do. Somebody said: why don't you watch television, eat good food and travel and then write about it? And, as lives go, that's pretty good" - Gill on his life in November 2016

* "I've got an embarrassment of cancer, the full English. There is barely a morsel of offal that is not included. I have a trucker's gut-buster, gimpy, malevolent, meaty malignancy" - Gill on his illness in November 2016

* "Pasta is eaten by happy smiley people having fun with people they love or fancy and are about to shag. Noodles are eaten by people who have no friends" - Gill on the types of people who eat pasta and noodles in September 2016

* "She looks like an aborted egg" - Gill's description of Dame Joan Collins's appearance at a party in June 2016

* "The hair is a disaster, the outfit an embarrassment. If you are going to invite yourself into the front rooms of the living, then you need to make an effort" - Gill on historian Mary Beard who was presenting a TV series on the Romans in April 2012

* "Prince Charles's vocal chords are plainly trying to strangle him. He may well become the first monarch to lose his head from the inside out" - Gill's assessment of Prince Charles in August 2007

* "She is a symbol of cultural rot, a corny, calculated act for clueless, obese fans" - Gill on Canadian pop star Celine Dion in September 2003

* "Loquacious, dissemblers, immoral liars, stunted, bigoted, dark, ugly, pugnacious little trolls" - Gill's description of the Welsh in the late 90s.

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