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Adler the gun for me, says Nats senator

AAP logoAAP 20/10/2016

Nationals senator John Williams reckons he could have used a seven-shot Adler shotgun to eliminate a menacing pack of wild pigs on his farm.

Instead, he had a double-barrel shotgun and five cartridges which enabled him to shoot the biggest boar and two others.

"Then the boar got up and I had one shell left. Luckily he didn't come at me and I shot him from behind again. He would have died," he told Sky News.

If the boar hadn't turned away, Senator Williams said he would have had to head up a nearby tree or face being mauled.

With an Adler, he could have shot the lot.

"A big wild boar is a dangerous animal. With big tusks they will rip you apart. So the Adler to many, many land owners is an OH and S safety weapon in case of being attacked by wild boars," he said.

Senator Williams said wild pigs were a real problem for farmers and he had shot 27 in the last three years.

"When it comes to crime in Australian with guns and rifles, 97 per cent of crime is from illegal weapons, weapons that are not registered, black market," he said.

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