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Alexisonfire believed in the break-up

AAP logoAAP 18/11/2016 Danielle McGrane

The next time a band goes out on a "farewell tour" it might be best not to take them too seriously.

Canadian rockers Alexisonfire did it four years ago and, at the time at least, it really did feel like the end.

"Our break-up, our farewell tour was a farewell tour," lead singer George Pettit told AAP.

"We were breaking up, that was the end of it."

But last year the band came back to perform at the Heavy Montreal Festival after a three-year hiatus and soon after went on an international tour, which includes an upcoming run of Australia.

But Pettit insists, they weren't trying to pull the wool over their fans' eyes. They really did mean it when they said goodbye.

"I did think that I could walk away from performance and playing music, but that's been difficult," Pettit said.

He made up for the absence of Alexisonfire in his life after a couple of years, forming another band called Dead Tired. But then the opportunity came to reunite the band that had three platinum-selling, and one gold-selling, albums in their arsenal.

"Our manager came to us and said 'Look, we've put together this string of festivals, it's turning into a world thing'," he said.

"We all got together talked it over and kind of decided we would stop holding and cherishing our break-up because it was wonderful, the break-up was really nice. We went and did our last tour of the world and played these amazing shows, so we didn't want to hurt that because we'd gone out so classily."

The post-hardcore band have been lured back but say this time it's different because they've each discovered life outside of the band.

Aside from Dead Tired, Pettit is working as a firefighter, lead guitarist Dallas Green has several successful musical projects on the go, including City and Colour, guitarist Wade MacNeil has formed two punk bands, Gallows and Black Lungs, bassist Chris Steele took the time to travel the world, while drummer Jordan Hastings has, among other things, co-founded the Village Cigar Company And Barbershop in Ontario.

"We've all kind of landed in life beyond music and so now coming back to it is enjoyable," he said.

"It's a really nice feeling. There's no pressure to do anything and we can just enjoy one another's company and play music without there being any strenuous kind of touring commitments.

* Alexisonfire tour dates:

January 11 - HBF Stadium, Perth

January 13 - Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre, Adelaide

January 17 - Festival Hall, Melbourne

January 19 - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

January 21- Riverstage, Brisbane.

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