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Alleged Indon cop murder to be re-enacted

AAP logoAAP 30/08/2016

Police are hoping to discover who is "telling the truth and who is not" when Australian woman Sara Connor and her British boyfriend are taken to Kuta Beach to re-enact the events that ended in the death of a local cop.

Several discrepancies remain in the version of events given by the Byron Bay mother and David Taylor about what happened the night Wayan Sudarsa was allegedly murdered almost two weeks ago, Denpasar District Police Chief Hadi Purnomo said on Tuesday.

"In the re-enactment, we will match it (the two versions)," he told reporters.

"We will find out who's telling the truth and who's not."

Following the re-enactment, which is expected to happen on Wednesday morning, Ms Connor and Mr Taylor will have what police refer to as a "confrontation".

The two will meet for the first time since their arrest on August 19.

The day is likely to be another emotional chapter for Ms Connor, who is expected to will be taken back to Kuta Beach where Mr Sudarsa's bloodied body was discovered covered in sand in the early hours of August 17.

It's here, police allege, that Mr Taylor became embroiled in a fight with the police officer - accusing him of knowing something about Ms Connor's lost purse.

He is alleged to have beat him with a beer bottle, binoculars and a mobile phone.

Ms Connor says Mr Sudarsa bit her on the thigh and hand when she tried to separate the pair.

Ms Connor and Mr Taylor will also be taken back to the hotel where they stayed on the night of the alleged murder - Kubu Kauh Beach Inn.

Police allege blood "identical" to that found at the crime scene was discovered here - a claim the pair's legal teams say is yet to be verified.

At Uluwatu, the pair will face questioning regarding their alleged burning and destruction of evidence.

Here, police say, Ms Connor and Mr Taylor dumped a number of Mr Sudarsa's personal items, including his mobile phone case, wallet and police ID card.

The housing estate in Jimbaran where they are accused of burning the clothes they wore on the night of Mr Sudarsa's death will also be an important location for the re-enactment.

According to Mr Taylor and Ms Connor's lawyers, the pair are blaming the other for instigating the destruction of evidence.

It comes after Ms Connor wept when she saw her ex-husband Anthony "Twig" Connor for the first time on Monday since her arrest made headlines in Indonesia and Australia.

"They hugged. (They were) crying together, both of them," her lawyer Robert Khuana told reporters after their brief, private meeting on Monday.

"(They were) sad because they never thought this thing would happen.

"Especially now, they're thinking about their children."

Mr Purnomo said police were still awaiting the results of blood tests and psychiatric assessments of the pair.

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