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Antonia Kidman has found a place where she is not known as "Nicole's sister."

Mamamia logo Mamamia 21/12/2016 Meredith Eriksson

When you have a name that opens doors from Kiama to Kalgoorlie, anonymity doesn’t come easy.

But Antonia Kidman has managed to find a place where she and her internationally recognised sister, actress Nicole Kidman, can walk and spend time with their family completely undisturbed


The 46-year-old presenter lives there with her second husband, businessman Craig Marren, right in the heart of the small island republic.

The couple share a home with their six children, Lucia, 18, Hamish, 16, James, 13, and Sybella, 9, Alexander, 4, and Nicholas, 6.

The mother-of-six told Mia Freedman the move has offered the family a break from their usually public life.

“I’m sort of an Antonia Marran up there and it’s lovely,” she said.

“It’s nice and it’s good for the kids too.”

Antonia rose to fame after first starting out as a researcher for the Today show, and then launched a hugely successful career as a television presenter.

The journalist hosted three lifestyle-orientated series in the years between 2002 and 2006. The first series focused on raising children, The Little Things, the second on health, Antonia Fitness Yoga: The Power And Style Of Ashtanga and the third on the home, The Bigger Things.

Antonia and Nicole Kidman © David LeFranc/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images Antonia and Nicole Kidman Antonia has also co-authored two books and birthed over half a soccer team. It is not hard to see why she and her sister attract media scrums during trips home to Australia.

Mia brought up the level of public attention Antonia commanded while living in Sydney.

"You were getting followed to the beach, followed around town and not just when Nicole was here but all the time,” she said.

The presenter shared how she believed it was a lack of celebrity-centered publications that afforded her this newfound relief.

“There are no gossip magazines in Singapore, so there’s none of that, you’re totally out of the loop,” she said.

“It’s not on their radar.”

Antonia shared how Singapore has also offered Nicole a break from the media's pursuit.

“Nicole stayed there and nobody blinked and eye, nobody recognised her for the three or four days she was there," she said.

Nicole Kidman is famous for sending the Australian press into a flurry during scheduled and unscheduled trips home.

The attention grew so extreme in 2005 that she took out court orders that restrained two photographers from going within 20 metres from her previous home in Darling Point.

Nicole told police she feared for her safety after two photographers pursued her car late at night, The Age reported.

A listening device had also been found as planted opposite her home.

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