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AOC investigation reveals ticket recycling

AAP logoAAP 29/08/2016

The number of Australian athletes who gained illegal entry into the semi-final Olympic basketball clash featuring the Boomers could be more more than the Australian Olympic Committee has revealed.

While nine Australians were detained overnight for illegally tampering accreditation passes to enter the venue, an investigation shows 80 athletes used recycled tickets to gain access to the venue, according to Fairfax Media.

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) attempted to play down the issue on the team's arrival in Sydney last week.

But it's believed the investigation is looking into whether the organisation's athlete services division helped with the sticker tampering.

Four members of the division were flown home early from the Games, protecting them from further scrutiny.

However the investigation has also revealed the ticket recycling process, where unscanned barcodes were passed to athletes outside the venue.

Those athletes than sat separately at the Carioca Arena to those whose accreditation was allegedly tampered.

Most Olympic events allow all athletes to enter based on their usual accreditation.

However for higher-profile events likely to attract a bigger crowd, each national organising committee are designated a limited number.

In the case of the Olympic basketball semi-finals, 25 passes were given to Australian athletes.

The act is again believed to be commonplace at Olympic Games and there were enough vacant seats in the athletes area to fit all of the Australians.

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