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Aussie anti-IS fighter wants to be charged

AAP logoAAP 25/10/2016

An Australian man who fought with Kurdish forces against Islamic State in Syria wants authorities to either charge him or leave him alone.

Ashley Dyball, 24, who returned to Australia last December, said he originally travelled to the Middle East to help people, not to fight.

He said he knew what he was doing was illegal but didn't care.

"This is something that I just felt like had to be done. We have had laws in the past that have been overthrown in the wrong. Just because it's a law doesn't mean it's right," he told ABC television on Tuesday.

He ended up fighting with the Kurdish militia the YPG. One of his jobs became removing mines and booby traps.

Travelling to Europe for a break, he was arrested in Germany and deported to Australia.

He could be charged with taking up arms in a foreign country.

"Every time I hear a siren I think, 'Is this my time ... are they coming to get me?' How far can I run before they get me," he said.

Mr Dyball said he hoped he would be charged as he could then go to court, where he might win.

"More needs to be done to help those people over there. Not enough is getting done. There is kids being murdered every day," he said.

"If I'm the bad guy because of it, charge me. I don't care. I will do my time."

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