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Aussie Simpsons skit gets US attention

AAP logoAAP 2/11/2016 Luke Costin

Fans of The Simpsons finally have a recipe for steamed hams even though a writer of the US cartoon has confirmed what we knew all along - they're not real.

Steamed hams became prominent following a 1996 episode during which Simpsons character Principal Skinner tried to convince his boss the hamburgers served for dinner were actually "steamed hams".

After hundreds of Simpsons fans over the past few months pestered Woolworths about how to cook Skinner's dish, the supermarket chain on Wednesday responded with a humorous cooking video.

In the skit jam-packed with Simpsons references, Sydney comedian Michael Hing - wearing an onion on his belt - stuffs a leg of ham into a food steamer.

He and fellow comic Will Erimya then create burgers with ingredients including 64 slices of American cheese and "catsup".

The video was soon seen and tweeted out by Simpsons writer Bill Oakley who asked "where are my royalties?"

Oakley, who wrote the original scene, then disappointed keen cooks by confirming steamed hams are "made up" and no recipe ever existed.

Don't worry, Oakley, we still like the cut of your jib.

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