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Azealia Banks apologises for rant

BANG Showbiz logoBANG Showbiz 16/05/2016 Bang Showbiz
Azealia Banks © AP Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks has apologised over her racist tirade against Zayn Malik.

The 24-year-old rapper had her Twitter account suspended and was dropped from appearing at a London festival this week in the wake of her vile racist and homophobic rant, which she launched into after accusing the former One Direction singer of copying her style in his latest video 'Like I Would', accusing it of being a rip-off of her promo for 'Chasing Time'.

Though Azealia - who also lashed out at 14-year-old Disney actress Skai Jackson - initially offered "apologies to anyone who was offended" by her comments, she previously maintained she was "not sorry" for the words she used, but she has now backtracked and given her "deepest apologies" for her ranting.

In an open letter on her Instagram page, she wrote:


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Among the most hateful insults she tweeted to 23-year-old Zayn - who was born in Britain to a Pakistani father and English/Irish mother - were to brand him the "token brown boy" in One Direction and the other four members' "pet".

She went on to target Skai after she told the rapper to "simmer down" and told the young actress to have plastic surgery and "grow some hips and start your menses".

Following the backlash, the '212' hitmaker made an apology for causing offence.

She said: "Big apologies to anyone who was offended by any of the things I said. Not sorry I said it. But sorry for the way I made people feel.

"Everyone except the targets of my tirades."

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