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Baird, Turnbull disagree on Gonski

AAP logoAAP 21/10/2016

NSW Premier Mike Baird is continuing to pressure the Turnbull government to commit to the final two years of Gonski school funding.

Mr Baird insists the issue of federal funding for the final two years of the six-year needs-based scheme is a question of "how much and what form".

The NSW government has this week poured another $219 million into Gonski and says it's already beginning to bear fruit.

"We're starting to see some results coming in as a result of the funding," Mr Baird told reporters at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Friday.

"If we start to see those improvements consistently directly attributed to these fundings ... we'll be arguing the funding must continue."

But Mr Turnbull again resisted any commitment and emphasised the dangers of simply throwing more money at education.

"State and federal governments have been spending more money on school education and educational outcomes have not been improving," he said.

"They have, in fact, been deteriorating. The gap between our best students and our least successful students have been widening. That's wrong."

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