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Band of Horses celebrate new lease on life

AAP logoAAP 25/07/2016 Danielle McGrane

Band of Horses frontman Ben Bridwell's story would give any aspiring musician hope.

Twelve years and five albums into his successful music career, the man from Tucson, Arizona is still convinced he can't play the guitar.

"I came into this job in my late 20s. Writing music was never a thing that I sought out to do in my younger life," Bridwell told AAP.

"I'm still the kid that never played guitar correctly and I don't get any better which is the worst part, I peaked out a while ago."

Yet writing music and playing the guitar is precisely what Bridwell has done, and been successful at, since forming Band of Horses in Seattle in 2004.

What spurred him on was less a desire to do music and more a desire not to do something else.

"I was on the path to working in every cafe in town before this," he said.

"I kind of had to pick myself up and figure this thing out because I really did not want to work in cafes any more and I thought I had something to offer, so I worked really hard at it and it's seemingly paying off.

"So anybody can do anything they want."

The band's latest album, Why Are You OK? is the group's first since 2012's Mirage Rock.

It's a return to form for the band, harking back to the style of popular, Grammy-nominated album Infinite Arms (2010).

With the help of producer Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), and with legendary producer Rick Rubin in an executive role, the result has given the whole band a new lease of life.

"We're enthusiastic about the new record, we have a shot in the arm, a new fresh outlook on things," Bridwell said.

He says he's turned a corner, both creatively and personally as a father to four daughters.

"It might just be that suddenly I've become comfortable in my body, this sack of skin and bones, but I'm very grateful for all the wonderful things that this life provides, whether it be my beautiful family at home or this improbable career path thing," he said.

"All of it, for someone who had no aspirations or schooling, it's pretty unlikely so I'm very grateful."

* Band Of Horses play Sydney Opera House on Monday and new album Why Are You OK is out now.

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