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Bernardi wants stronger conservative voice

AAP logoAAP 5/12/2016

Liberal senator Cory Bernardi isn't yet prepared to jump ship to stand as a conservative independent.

Senator Bernardi, who's fresh back from three-months with the United Nations in New York, said he was concerned that many Australians at home and abroad believed the nation was on the wrong track.

He said the coalition was haemorrhaging votes to One Nation and others.

"When are we going to try and arrest this and say the Liberal Party needs to reclaim some votes. We need a stronger conservative voice, a principled voice to keep governments honest and accountable," he said.

Asked if he would go it alone, Senator Bernardi said he wasn't prepared to give up on solving the problem.

"By hook or by crook, no one is going to die wondering that I think it needs to be fixed. I have the energy, I have got the determination to fix it. I am not exactly sure what path that is going to take but I am going to do my best to do it," he said.

A supporter of US president-elect Donald Trump, he's told members of his Australian Conservatives movement he was amazed at how much change one man could make.

"If we are not prepared to make that change, to restore some common sense, the voters will make that change for us," he said.

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