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Bike-hating truckie in social media storm

AAP logoAAP 1/08/2016

A video of a push-bike hating truckie deliberately drenched cyclists with water has sparked a social media storm.

The footage, which appears to be taken by the truck driver, opens as he spots a group of cyclists in the Sydney airport tunnel and laments he is not allowed to run them over.

"So we hate push-bikes, we are not allowed to run them over but we can f*** with them, so let's have a crack," the man says.

He then goes on to overtake the cyclists, steering through a puddle at the end of the tunnel.

He cheers and cackles with delight as they are sprayed with water.

"Oh yeah, nothing better than f***ing saturating a pushbike rider," he chuckles.

"My day is complete."

The video has drawn the ire of cyclists, who have taken to social media saying that the stunt put lives in danger.

"Yep it's ANOTHER disgusting Road Rage incident towards Cyclists in Sydney!! Total disrespect for Human Life!! ?#?nowords? ?#?whatiswrongwithyoudrivers?" Facebook user Jay Luke posted.

One of the cyclists in the video has referred the footage to police.

Truckies have backed the driver, with the popular page Truckin Australia taking a dig at the cyclists.

"While we don't condone doing this we did find it funny... If these riders were in the left lane they wouldn't have been hit with water and the truck driver might of been a bit less of a prick," the page posted.

"I say the truckie was too nice he gave them more than a metre when he passed.. Not his fault there was a puddle."

Truckin Australia has more than 65,000 supporters on Facebook and the post has attracted close to 400 likes and messages of support.

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