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Cassar-Daley reveals all in first book

AAP logoAAP 29/08/2016 By Danielle McGrane

There was a point in his life when Troy Cassar-Daley wanted to shoot his stepfather.

He was 7-years-old and on a hunting trip in Grafton, NSW where he grew up with his mother and extended family.

"I was reasonably good with a gun and it was encouraged because rabbit and kangaroo shooting was a big part of our life. Being indigenous, we liked surviving off what we could get ... it was a rite of passage as kids," Cassar-Daley told AAP.

"But I was at that pivotal point in life where I hated someone as much as I did that I was prepared to do something like that, like hold a gun and not even be scared. I wasn't even shaken by the whole thought about it."

This is one of the many personal revelations in the country star's upcoming autobiography, Things I Carry Around.

After about three years' working on it, Cassar-Daley's first book is now ready for release.

He may be the unofficial king of Aussie country, with more than 30 Golden Guitar awards to his name, but in the book he shows it wasn't an easy road to get there.

"There's been more adversity than I've been able to mention before, now I can mention it in the book," he said.

"I can mention drinking too much at different times in my career thinking `Maybe I am a drunk, maybe I have got a problem?' and having to admit it to yourself."

Cassar-Daley was born in Sydney to an Aboriginal mother and a Maltese-Australian father.

After his parents split, Cassar-Daley spent most of his time living in Grafton with his mum and her family, aside from one year spent with his dad in Surry Hills in the heart of Sydney.

One of the first incidents he wrote about was that pivotal moment when he almost shot his stepfather at the time, Brian McGrath.

"I remember that moment as clear as day because it was one of those crossroads, and there are a few in the book, where you could go one way or the other," he said.

The book also charts Cassar-Daley's wild ride to the top of country music and comes accompanied with an album of the same name.

It's one of the biggest projects he has ever worked on.

"I think I had to really approach this with a lot more respect than just a record project because it's your story and it's an important thing to get right," he said.

"I want people to see you can go through a lot of things in a family and still be resilient, still get out the other end OK."

*Troy Cassar-Daley's book Things I Carry Around, is released on Tuesday and the album is out now.

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