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Coroner's comments on Hughes inquest

AAP logoAAP 4/11/2016


"This sad and violent death, which is not the first to occur in a cricket match, reinforces that cricket is a potentially dangerous game."

"Members of Phillip's family considered that the spirit of the game had been disrespected by an opposition bowler who they alleged made threats of violence towards Phillip or his batting partner."

"The repeated denials of any sledging having occurred in the game in which Phillip Hughes was injured were difficult to accept."

"A minuscule misjudgement or a slight error of execution caused him to miss the ball which crashed into his neck with fatal consequences."

"He could have avoided the ball by ducking under it but such was his competitiveness, he sought to make runs from it."

"Phillip was excelling at the crease as he so often did, and that his death was a tragic accident."

"Neither the bowler nor anyone else was to blame for the tragic outcome."

"Although it was immediately obvious that Phillip was seriously injured, it wasn't clear whose responsibility it was to call an ambulance. An ambulance was not called for over six minutes after he was hit."

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