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Details of Tostee and tourist's injuries

AAP logoAAP 13/10/2016


VICTIM: Warriena Wright, aged 26, died from a fall off Gable Tostee's 14th floor balcony in the early hours of August 8, 2014.

She had:

- 80 separate injuries to her body

- Blood alcohol level 0.156, three times over legal driving limit

- Head hyperflexed, bent right over torso

- Body "almost folded over itself"

- No internal or external evidence of choking, strangulation

- Old scars on wrists, right thigh, chest from self-inflicted injuries.

ACCUSED: Gable Tostee, now aged 30, on trial in Brisbane Supreme Court after pleading not guilty to Ms Wright's murder.

He had:

- Abrasions on right knee, covered in dried blood

- Small linear abrasion on right side of nose

- Abrasion on lower left cheek, half a centimetre long

- Red mark just below hairline on neck.

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