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Emotions get better of Elise on MasterChef

AAP logoAAP 24/07/2016 By Danielle McGrane

And then there were three.

It's finally got down to the wire on MasterChef following Elise Franciskovic's emotional elimination on Sunday night.

The 28-year-old pharmacy technician from Cairns admitted she was thrown after receiving a box of ingredients chosen by her fiance Emmanuel causing her to do something she never normally does: cry.

While making a panna cotta with the ingredients Emmanuel had sent her, Franciskovic managed to pull herself together but the same can't be said for her dish.

"Unfortunately he gave me some gelatine and I'm used to titanium strength gelatine and he gave me gold, so unfortunately I put a little too much in my panna cotta which then put me into the second cook," Franciskovic told AAP.

"Then we had to cook again and unfortunately I didn't have an idea and I lost it and I just stuck to what I knew and I made a parfait which I have made several times in the competition, but I didn't have anything else in my head."

Franciskovic said she was off to a rocky start because of the letter from home.

"I woke up so positive that morning and I told myself 'You made it to top four. It's a massive achievement'. Never did I think a girl from Cairns would ever make it, so I was proud. But I don't usually cry and I don't know what came over me in that second cook," she said.

"It plays with your mind knowing you've been away from everyone for so long and you've been living this dream life and it was so close to the end, it just got the better of me."

Even though the judges were impressed with Franciskovic's smoked chocolate parfait, the flavour in her sorbet just wasn't good enough.

"I was making errors throughout my whole cook. I made a sorbet but unfortunately I didn't put zest in it to give it that extra flavour and that was one of the downfalls that I didn't have enough flavour in that," she said.

She admits that it's been a bit strange going back to normal life after her time on the show, experiencing all the excitement it has to offer.

"They always say you're going to get this post MasterChef depression but usually I'm fine and I've got a great life. But I think when you've just been on this crazy rollercoaster of meeting all these celebrity chefs and cooking in these amazing restaurants, and doing these amazing challenges that you then go back to your normal life where it's just quiet. You miss it, you want it," she said.

Franciskovic has returned to her job at Cairns Hospital and is opening up a cake business on the side.

The final three left to battle it out on the Network Ten reality show are Matt, Harry and Elena.

"It's anyone's game," Franciskovic said.

"I would love to see Elena or Harry take it out. One of those, I'd be very happy to see take it out."

* MasterChef continues on Network Ten on Monday at 7.30pm.

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